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Robert M. Cain, FAIA, LEED AP

Principal Architect


Robert Cain practices architecture in the southern United States; however, his clients and projects range throughout the US. He believes in sustainability and strives to synthesize his love of this region’s vernacular architecture with the clarity of modern design. In his hands, the melding of the southern vernacular and the modern using sustainable practices results in a unique creation that celebrates its site, pleases and comforts the inhabitants and sustains the earth.


For each project, through meticulous analysis of site, context, microclimate, available materials and natural light patterns, he evolves all into pragmatic architecture that satisfies his aesthetic and the client’s desires, needs and aspirations. Each client, each situation, each site is unique and Robert honors each and all with his own passion for excellence in design, strong attention to detail and his demand for superior craftsmanship. He believes interior design is an essential part of designing the built environment and his designs rely on his understanding of the seamless connection between architectural and interior design.


Cain's formal concepts enrich human enjoyment of his constructed spaces and, through careful manipulation of natural light and views, he blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor. He believes a structure should endure through the ages, showing well to each new generation of occupants, proving the worth of its thoughtful design and construction.



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