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Robert M. Cain, Architect (RMCA) provides architectural and interior design, space planning, master planning, product design and feasibility services.

Founded in 1989, RMCA’s significant body of work originates from an intense interest in exploring and synthesizing the seams between our commitment to sustainability, love of our region's vernacular architecture and the clarity of modern design. 


Robert and his associates have received over 100 local, state, national and international peer to peer awards for their diversified, innovative and unique designs.


RMCA seeks and evolves the essence of each project into pragmatic architecture and creates environmentally appropriate solutions through meticulous analysis of site, context, microclimate, responsible use of materials, and impassioned attention to detail. Full understanding and careful manipulation of natural light and views shape our formal concepts, substantially enriching enjoyment of the constructed spaces. Energy conservation, regenerative concepts and environmentally preferable solutions are essential components integrated into  every project.

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