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Hunter Douglas Showroom


Located in the stunning historic structure housing Montreal’s CID Design Centre, Hunter Douglas Architectural Products Showroom was faced with the paradox of displaying their ceiling products in a building in which coverage of the beautiful heavy timber ceiling construction was prohibited.  Cain’s innovative solution treats Hunter Douglas products as artwork displayed in a gallery setting. Each product is used in a work that intuitively communicates flexible characteristics and suggests myriad design possibilities.


The immaculate gallery floats in contrast to and within the rugged envelope of the vintage brick walls and heavy timber columns, beams and ceilings thus reinforcing the sophistication of the product on display. Showroom personnel were initially uneasy about a showroom where the product was not used in context but quickly discovered that it was easier to view the product in this way rather than by looking up and that visiting designers immediately understood the product as well as enjoyed the creativity of the solution

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