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Briarcreek Farm Master Plan


On first walking the farmland site with the owner we were intrigued by several features:  An old borrow pit from the construction of the adjacent “hardtop” road; a high point on the site occupied by maturing mixed hardwoods, many of them live oaks; a large open linear glade oriented north/south bounded by live oaks on the west and a double row of slash pines on the east; a large open field planted yearly with corn and the site of many fall dove hunts; and plenty of acreage newly planted with Pinus Palustris. 


Standing at the high (north) end of the stunning glade and looking south into its axis, we could turn to see the borrow pits’ potential as a lake to the west and over the young pines to the east a mystical view of the field. Here we proposed our building site.  Removal of a small swath of the pines would create an east west axis from field to future lake and, where it intersected the north south glade, would become a great room composed of the heart of our house—the living room, dining room and kitchen.  

Briarcreek Farm Master Plan includes the Briarcreek Farmhouse.

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