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The RailYard


The RailYard is a 46,095 square foot adaptive rehabilitation of a complex of abandoned industrial buildings along Atlanta’s southern industrial rail corridor.  Formerly a slaughterhouse and meat packing facility, the buildings have not been fully used in over 20 years.  Prior to renovation, the buildings were in an extremely dilapidated condition. Portions were in a state of collapse.


The diversity of the surrounding area, the buildings and individual spaces lends to the variety of tenants and visitors to the RailYard.  Anticipated tenants range from restaurants to office spaces to studios, and to date, the tenants occupying the spaces include offices, a yoga studio and a lounge bar among others.


Aesthetically, The RailYard has remained true to the industrial roots of the original complex.  In order to establish a character in tune with the cultural and historic nature of the city and neighborhood, renovations retained industrial artifacts, original walls, floors, ceilings, window systems and, where feasible, finishes. 

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