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Task and Desk Lamps


The torchieres, table lamps and floor lamps are muscular embodiment of the industrial gas line piping, steel plate, custom machined aluminum rod knuckles, off the shelf aluminum shades and repurposed materials comprising the line. Designed to be at home in modernist, loft and eclectic urban style environments, the fixtures are functional complement to any contemporary interior. Finishes are satin powder coated paint and natural finish aluminum and steel. All bulbs are LED, floor lamps, desk lamps and torchieres can be dimmed.


A very functional, energy efficient and adjustable sconce or ceiling mounted light. Well suited for lighting counters,tables, art, reflecting light off a ceiling for subtle area lighting, etc. the fixture is line voltage, adjustable, dimmable and constructed of off the shelf components.


Aluminum shade, phenolic resin socket, LED bulb light source, adjustable chrome knuckles, powder coated cover plate and steel or aluminum powder coated shaft (shaft can also be natural finish steel or aluminum). A standard outdoor electrical junction box cover comprises the base and mounts directly to a well secured wall or ceiling junction box.


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