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Studio 5B Loft


Located in Atlanta’s historic central business district, Studio 5B occupies the top floor of an early 20th century mercantile building.  Local interpretations of prevailing national architectural styles in this district include Chicago, Renaissance Revival, Neoclassical, Commercial, Art Deco, Georgian Revival, and Victorian eclectic.


Studio 5B employs a floating core that encircles the bath, laundry and walk-in closet to visually demise the open living, dining, bedroom and kitchen areas. Glass clerestories separate the core from structure and allow borrowed light into the core functions. Aside from offering opportunities for art display, additional functions also connect to the core including the kitchen and storage.


Floor to ceiling storefront now replaces the former opaque balcony walls, allowing even more natural light into the living space.  Another source of natural light is a stair with translucent treads that accesses a new rooftop landscaped deck.  The treads allow light from the glass penthouse overhead to pass through to the loft interior.

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