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Sandler Hudson Gallery


Removal of several layers of dropped ceilings allowed The Sandler Hudson Gallery, located in a 1950’s retail strip to take full advantage of the limited opportunities of the shell.  Installing a new ceiling immediately below structure created a gracious space of sufficient height for larger works. The walls and ceilings are pure white and the concrete floor is painted to resemble a cushion of clouds.  The effect is one of stark beauty; a perfect backdrop for the work of the artists.  To provide a more intimate space for small works, we added a low-ceilinged, “niche” gallery secreted behind the reception area with diminutive, individually-lighted wall recesses.  Openings punched through the rear exterior walls of the long, narrow space create jewel-like patterns of sunlight that emphasize the airy nature of the work room at the back.  In the main gallery space, an eleven-foot high curved freestanding wall opposite the entrance is the primary visual element that organizes the intersection of gallery, reception desk, and the “niche” gallery.


The gallery was created as a rigorously ordered system of solids and openings based on the system of proportion found in the Greek Golden Section.  But, looking around, the space merely feels comfortable; your subconscious comfort stemming from the natural, ordered, organic result.  


Robert M. Cain, Principal-in-Charge/Designer.  ASD, Inc. Architect of Record.

“A refined minimalist space that allows the exhibited art to be the focus; the project exhibits constraint but with a developed richness.”

- Charles Gwathmey, FAIA

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