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Ply Chair


Through application of theory the Ply Chair represents utilization of everyday materials

to achieve beautifully functional results.  Inspired by de Stijl group theorist Piet Mondrian and Architect Gerrit Rietveld's Red and Blue Chair, the Ply Chair explores and emphasizes the intersection of vertical and horizontal planes defined within a perfect cubic volume of 31" x 31" x 31" combined with de Stijl color theory based on primary colors and tones (black in this prototype) .


The durable Baltic birch plywood comprising the intersecting planes of the chair is an off the shelf material often used again and again in concrete formwork.  Although a variety of upholstery fabrics are envisioned for the chair, the prototype employs canvas remnants.  The simplicity of the chair is aimed toward mass production rather than hand-crafting.  Achieving physical comfort was critical and location of the back bolster, seat and arm rest height were carefully coordinated with the size of the cubic volume to achieve harmony of human form and aesthetic concept.


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