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Haywood Regional Medical Center


The Haywood Regional Medical Center is designed to respect and take advantage of a beautiful site both aesthetically (with views and nature trails programmed as part of the healing process) and practically with many passive solar techniques utilized including:


Sun Path: The longitudinal orientation of slightly east of south and window overhangs allow minimal exposure of the building mass and glazing to summer sun, reducing cooling loads


Earth Sheltering: Intensive sod roofs and recessing the lower two treatment floors into the natural profile of the site shelter the building by using the massive heat sink abilities of the earth to aid in cooling in summer and tempering heat loss in winter.


Daylighting: Skylights allow daylight deep into the public spaces on the lower treatment floors thus reducing the energy costs for lighting and hvac systems.


From the personal experience of Robert M. Cain, PD, P; 6 Associates Inc. architect of record.

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