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Escondido, CA


Robert Cain was premiated as one of four finalists in a National Endowment for the Arts sponsored two stage Design Competition for Escondido, Ca.  The components of the design included a Master Pan for Grape Day Park (the principal downtown city park) including siting for a Fine Arts Museum, a Performing Arts Center and a Government Center as well as an architectural commission to design a new City Hall. RMCA’s solution wrapped the existing park edge and building components with a unifying network of arcades, plazas, gardens and promenades.





"After wading through all these [design submittals]... the straightforward scheme by Robert Cain...[was] greeted with some relief.  The [scheme] eschews the use of any specific historic elements... to maximize the quality of the environment, this passive scheme never allows the buildings to possess [the] open space."  --- Bruno Giberti, L.A. Architect

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