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As a 14-story 600-unit apartment building built in the early 1950’s, the Darlington’s monolithic brick facades, unrelieved dark corridors and small apartment windows no longer compete with newer offerings in the current Atlanta apartment marketplace. Despite shortcomings the building is very well located, has generous landscaped grounds and fabulous views of the city in all directions. 
We were commissioned by the new owners to explore ideas revitalizing the character of the building in such a way that the building again rises to the top of the apartment market. Our digital esquisse solutions propose creating multi-level units, inserting large windows, new sliding doors and balconies, large openings through the building with elevated decks and pools, a glass bottom pool above the entry doors, rooftop amenities from which to enjoy views, use of primary colors  to downplay the soviet bloc-like facades and enhancement of the curved poured in place cantilevered entry elements. 

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