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Holly Hill


A retirement home for an architect and engineer whose hobbies are gardening and restoration of classic cars, Holly Hill sits lightly on its strongly sloping, mixed hardwood site to maximize views with minimal grading and disruption to the site flora. Most major trees were retained. A storm-downed and a compromised White Oak was taken to a local sawmill, cut into boards, air-dried and milled into flooring for the house. All non-native, invasive flora species were removed. Any native species within grading areas were relocated. Pervious paving and rainwater swales retain and insure runoff no greater than that of the original wooded site. 


The home, named for the numerous indigenous American Hollies scattered across the owner’s land, is comprised of three wings joined by transparent bridges: An architect's wing facing a master garden to the east, an engineer’s wing with workshop and a central activity, living, dining wing. Similar to a radiator, the design increases the amount of exterior wall maximizing opportunities for natural ventilation during temperate months.  


Open and screened porches are strategically located to allow pleasant outdoor use at any time of day, particular season or, if necessary, insect challenge.  Dramatic cantilevers allow the porches to project into the site’s beautiful mixed hardwood tree canopy. 

This project is a part of Holly Hill Master Plan


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