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Atkinson Elementary School,

Henderson County, N.C.


This school K through 6 represents Henderson County’s return to traditional school planning and teaching methods and abandonment of open plan systems.  Numerous sustainable building techniques are employed:


Pods of classrooms connected by corridors allow natural ventilation; masonry walls with insulation and stucco on the exterior are efficient thermal lag and radiant conditioners of space; building orientation reduces energy loads; dual connection corridors with south facing clerestories allow light penetration in winter for heat absorption and distribution to classrooms; daylighting reduces artificial lighting requirements; classroom lighting fixtures developed specifically for this project to reduce energy consumption. 


The design also features natural light, light and airy open spaces, plenty of glass, access to the exterior from classrooms, colorful interiors and incorporation of natural site features into the plan.


From the personal experience of Robert M. Cain.  Six Associates, Architects of record.  Robert Cain, Project Designer, Project Architect, Project Manager.

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