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Katherine Kidd Boutique


High-end clothing designer Katherine Kidd's new boutique in Atlanta (her first outside of California) occupies what was originally a gas station mechanics bay (before subsequent stints as a restaurant, a furniture showroom and later a real estate office). The space was long, narrow, divided into several rooms with almost no natural light. Katherine requested an open, “feminine” space as a stage set for display of her stunning, nationally known work. Our solution creates a large glass storefront system centered on the main showroom with a large mirror on the opposite wall reflecting entry light back into the space. An interior wall was removed creating a jewelry display niche and allowing light from an existing glass block wall to flow into the main showroom. A new wood floor over the existing concrete slab, white painted walls and trim soften the space and become backdrop to Katherine’s designs.


From the exterior a minimalist custom anodized aluminum canopy announces the shop's location. The canopy's glass roof enhances entry visibility by washing the storefront and display items in the front of the shop with natural light. Katherine's clothing designs are exhibited on custom designed LED-lighted acrylic rods suspended from the ceiling. Her beautiful line of accessories is displayed on see-through glass shelving and floating acrylic cases. Adjacent to the dressing rooms, a symmetrically focal settee, crystal chandelier and the large mirror create a stage set for relaxed shopping. Tightly-aimed multiple-head lighting fixtures create a sparkling, jewel-like feel enhancing the exciting mood of the boutique.

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